Announcing a New Partnership: Global Connected and ISTC Training Centre from Malta

6/11/20241 min read


We are thrilled to announce a significant new partnership between Global Connected and the ISTC Training Centre from Malta. This collaboration promises to offer exceptional benefits to all seafarers who choose to enroll through Global Connected, including a special 10% discount on their training programs.

About ISTC Training Centre

The ISTC Training Centre, situated in Malta, is known for its top-notch maritime and offshore courses. With highly professional instructors and comprehensive curriculum, they ensure that seafarers receive the highest standard of training to excel in their professions.

Benefits of the New Partnership

This partnership between Global Connected and the ISTC Training Centre brings several key benefits:

  • Discounted Training: All seafarers who enroll through Global Connected will receive a 10% discount on ISTC Training Centre courses, making high-quality training more accessible.

  • Enhanced Training Programs: The collaboration will facilitate the sharing of best practices and resources, leading to the continuous improvement of training programs.

  • Global Reach: Combining the strengths of Global Connected's extensive network with ISTC Training Centre's expertise ensures that seafarers from all over the world can benefit from top-notch training opportunities.


We are confident that this new partnership will greatly enhance the training experiences and professional development of seafarers globally. We encourage all seafarers to take advantage of this unique opportunity and enroll in ISTC Training Centre courses through Global Connected to benefit from the exclusive discount. Stay connected with us for more updates on this exciting collaboration.